Backstory of a Character Actor

In The Beginning

Character Actor Joe Higgins on IMDb

1970's veteran character actor Joe Higgins, was my father's best friend. Best known for his "Dodge Sheriff" as spokesperson for Chrysler, Unca' Joe stayed with us whenever in town and would call us with his latest television and movie premiers. When he died in 1998, I decided to honor his memory by being in at least "one" movie. 100 Productions later...

Learning Law Enforcement

2009 Fairfax County Class President

I am lucky to live in the 11th largest "city" in the U.S. Our police department has a Citizen's Police Academy. I was its 2009 Class President. This ten-week experience led to my having the utmost respect for the dedication necessary to choose this profession. Just like Actors, they have a true Passion for their work.

Train, Train, Train

Best Actor in the Web Series "Chance"

No one can make it by themselves in this Business. Anyone can "read" Lines, but to  become a truly "believable" actor, you must Train...constantly. I've studied under some of the best in the county, and certainly New York City. Their "lessons," often feeling like a greuling sports practice, paid off in 2018 when I Won my second Best Actor Award.


David Baldacci and his Fred The Bailiff

Being Cast in David Baldacci's "Wish You Well" would forever change the course of my career. Our first discussion On Set revealed so many parallels in our personal lives, that I felt empowered to finally follow my childhood dream of becoming a professional writer. David paints with sentences, I with scenes.

Read, Read, Read

Yale and John Hopkins Professor Marc Lapadula

Yale's Screenwriting Professor Marc Lapadula has taught some of Hollywood's top screenwriters. He calls me one of his best students in eighteen years. He is a relentless task-master, a gifted teacher, a dedicated mentor, and now, a true friend. The best way to learn screenwriting? Read scripts...all of them...every day.

Write, Write, Write


When I told David I write twelve hours a day everyday, he gave me a big hug saying that is how he writes. When Marc asked how I am motivated to work so hard, I stomped on the floor saying "My biological clock is ticking!" My twelve Final Drafts in every genre have won multiple Laurels with thirteen in rough draft.